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3 Motorized Curved Sliders for Your Camera

In this day and age, you can capture plenty of cool shots with your consumer camera. With a decent slider, you will have an easier time capturing more creative shots. Here are 3 motorized curved sliders that let you record circular video and more professional footage:

Waterbird 49β€³ Bendable Camera Slider: lets you take straight and curved shots. You can control your camera manually or using the companion app. The MultiSlider comes with threads for mounting on tripods.

PROAIM Curve: a 180-degree motorized camera slider with an aluminum construction. It has 22lbs load capacity. Works with most cameras.

PMG-DUO 48-Inch Video Slider: comes with foldable legs and supports curved and straight shots. This video slider has an aircraft quality aluminum construction. You can use it as a tabletop slider or mount it to tripod or light stands.

Have you found cooler curved sliders? Please share them here.

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