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3 Quality Mounts for Apple TV

The Apple TV is a pretty awesome set-top box. It can bring a ton of entertaining content to your HDTV. Whether you want to watch Netflix, YouTube, or Hulu content, the device has you covered. With these Apple TV mounts, you will be able to integrate this set-top box with your entertainment system in a more seamless fashion:

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total mount

TotalMount – Apple TV Universal Mounting Kit: a universal mounting kit for your device. You can attach it to the back of your TV fast. You don’t need any extra tools to do that.


Tryten Apple TV Mount: this kit has 4 mounting holes allowing you to secure it to any flat surface. You can use this to attach your Apple TV to your monitor or TV. It is made from high grade Aluminum which is a plus.

out of sight

Out Of Sight Bracket
: just snap in your Apple TV and use this to attach it to a wall or your TV. It has a minimalistic design and can hold the AirPort Express too.

The Apple TV box is very compact. But if you want to attach it to a wall or TV, you should check out the above mounts.

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