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2 Mouse Scanners for PC / Mac

Most of us have had to deal with scanners in the past at home or in our workplace. They are great for digitizing and backing up documents. Most regular scanners are not portable at all though. Besides, using a super expensive scanner to digitize a newspaper or informal document may be an overkill. These 2 mouse scanners are portable and let you scan, edit and share your digital documents with others fast:

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IRIScan Mouse: a compact device that lets you scan any document, newspaper, contract, picture, up to A3. It is Word, Outlook, and Excel friendly. You can upload your scans to the cloud, Facebook, Twitter, and Flickr.


LG  LSM-100 Mouse Scanner: makes scanning documents very easy. This mouse is not only easy to use but has a scan button you can use to digitize your documents quickly. LG LSM-100 can convert scanned text into an editable Word document (OCR). It can scan any size up to A3.

These scanner mice hit two targets in one shot. They are quite useful for scanning documents on the go.

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