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3 Handy ND Filters for iPhone

iPhones are already powerful cameras on their own, capable of capturing amazing video and photos. Thanks to these 3 iPhone ND filters, you can get more creative with your phone and protect its camera from overexposure:

Sandmarc Hybrid ND/PL Filters: a hybrid filter that combines the benefits of ND and PL filters to improve high dynamic range and prevent overexposure. It comes with a universal clip-on system. It is made with a multi-coated and anti-reflective glass.

Moment 37mm Cine Phone Filter Set: lets you shoot with an ND filter or CPL on your phone. It features anti-static coating to repel dust. You can choose from ND4 to ND64 filters.

IRIS: works with iPhone X, XS Max, and older iPhones. It comes with ND8, ND16, and ND32 filters for reducing shutter speed in a variety of lighting conditions. Iris lets you lower cinematic shutter speeds..

Have you found better ND filters for iPhone? Please share them here.

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