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4 Awesome NFC Accessories for Android

Android phones have come a long way over the years. Some of the best phones on the market run Android. You can do all kinds of neat things with your phone if it is NFC-capable. Here are 4 NFC accessories that let you get more out of your Android phone:

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Smart Ring with NFC: this NFC ring lets you store and transfer information such as name, phone number, and email. Use your NFC ring to share Wi-Fi information, links to websites, contact information, and more.


Haloband: lets you control your smartphone with a wrist move. You can take instant photos, turn on the flashlight, switch songs, check social networks, and do a whole lot more.


Clipless: secures your phones and tablets to clothing and surfaces. The mount is NFC enabled, so you can run common tasks easier.


nfcTack: these nano suction NFC stickers help you complete location based tasks. Just bring your Android phone to start handling common tasks with NFC.

Which one of these NFC products are you impressed with the most?

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