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3 Night Vision Accessories for Android & iPhone

Android and iPhone devices are more than capable of capturing fairly decent photos. They are not meant to be used in the dark though. You could always add these night vision products to start getting more out of your phone:

night vision

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Snooperscope: a night vision attachment for your iPhone and Android. It uses infrared light to show you things at night. It transmits videos and images to your device wirelessly.


EZOWare Outdoor IP Camera: an outdoor camera with night vision. It supports iPhone, Android, and Windows Mobile devices. You get motion detection too.


USNV iPhone Night Vision Adapter: does not turn your iPhone into a night vision scope but it does allow you to attach those to your device.

We will surely see more night vision products for iPhone and Android devices in the future. For now, the above product help you view and capture objects clearly at night.

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