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5 Quality PlayStation PS3 Coolers

Keeping your PS3 cool is very important, especially if you spend a lot of time playing with your gaming console. Just like any other piece of electronics, if your device heats up too much, it won’t last too long. These 5 PS3 coolers help keep your gaming console cool as you play:


PlayStation 3 Horizontal Cooling Power Station: a horizontal stand designed for PS3 slim. It has 2 compulsive cooling fans and a USB hub with 3 ports for charging.


Evercool Defender Turbo Cooling Fan: keeps your PS3 from overheating and shutting down. It has a big air volume blower and air extracting design.

thermal pad

High Performance Thermal Pad for PlayStation 3
: protects your PS3 from overheating. These offer significant temperature drop and are not that hard to install.


Nyko Slim 83070 Cooling Stand: provides air flow away from your PS3 so it can perform cooler. You don’t have to open your PS3 to get this to work. It works in both the horizontal and vertical position.


Thermaltake Mobile Fan II External USB Cooling Fan: compatible with personal computers, PS3 devices, and everything in between. You can manually adjust the fan speed manually with the VR knob.

Keeping your PS3 cool as you play is very important. The above coolers can’t do miracles but they do keep your PS3 cooler. You should probably consider more drastic measures if your PS3 still heats up a lot after using the above solutions.

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