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3 Must See Accessories & Gadgets for Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go has become quite popular these days. A ton of people are using their smartphone to catch these monsters everywhere they go. With these 3 gadgets, you can get more out of your Pokemon Go experience:


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ZAGG Power Travel Charger: it has a 18000 mAh battery to keep your smartphone charged as you hunt Pokemons. It has 3 USB ports.


TRNDlabs Pokedrone: a drone for catching impossible drones. It connects to your phone and uses a camera and GPS to help you catch Pokemons.


POKEWARES Shield for Pokemon Go Plus: so if you have the official accessory for hunting Pokemons, you can use this to keep it protected. It also lets you show off your individual style.

Have you found better gadgets and accessories for Pokemon Go? Please share them here.

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