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5 Portable Projection Screens for Projectors

Projectors are great for presenting, watching movies, and consuming content in general. You are going to need a decent projection screen to get the most out of your experience. These 5 projection screens are portable and large enough to provide a more enjoyable experience at home or outdoors:

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OS92 Indoor/Outdoor Movie Theater Screen: a lightweight 92-inch projection screen designed for front and rear projection. It hangs from most home or patio structures.


OS120L Backyard Big Movie Projection Screen: a 120 inch projection screen with a lightweight design. It lets you have your own private movie theater in your backyard. Setting it up is pretty easy too.


Epson Duet 80-Inch Projection Screen: you can use this with any home theater or business projector. It can be mounted on the included floor stand or on a wall.


ProjectoScreen120H: want to take your projector to your backyard to enjoy a movie? This projection screen has you covered. This 120 inch diagonal projector screen had detachable legs and a portable design.


Elite Screens T71UWS1 Projection Screen: a portable solution with a heavy duty case and auto locking system. It is ideal for indoor and outdoor presentations and has a rugged construction.

You are going to need a decent projector to get the most out of these projection screens. They are not super cheap but large enough to enrich your movie or presentation experience.

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