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4 Proximity Computer Locks for Macs / PCs

Leaving your computer unlocked is not a great idea, especially if you have a ton of important files stored on it. But many of us tend to forget to lock our computers as we move away from them. These 4 computer locks can lock your computer when you are not around:


VuPoint MT03 EZ Secure Proximity Computer Lock: protects your privacy when you move away. You can carry it on your neck. It has an active distance of approximately 3.3-39 feet.


Sesame Wireless Lock: designed for Mac users, Sesame locks your computer when you are out of range. All you have to do is put it in your pocket and continue doing your work.

screen keeper

Screen Keeper: prevents access to your computer when you are not around. It has a working distance of 4 to 9 meters. The Screen Keeper system has a dongle receiver, which plugs into your computer’s USB port. You can carry the RF transmitter easily.


GateKeeper: a Bluetooth smart proximity tag that helps you keep track of your valuable items. It can also auto lock your computer.

If you always remember to lock your computer when you move, then you probably don’t need these. Otherwise, these computer locks can keep your important files safe.

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