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3 Pulse Oximeters for iPhone

Pulse oximetry is a method for monitoring your O2 saturation. There are plenty of pulse oximeters you can pick up to help you track your oxygen saturation and pulse rate. Want to keep track of your data on your iPhone? These 3 pulse oximeters for iPhone are worth checking out:

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iHealth Wireless Pulse Oximeter: calculates blood oxygen saturation (SpO2), pulse rate (BPM) and Perfusion Index (PI) readings. Connects to your device via Bluetooth 4.0.


iChoice Pulse Oximeter: turns your iPhone or other iOS devices into a pulse oximeter. It displays your SpO2 %, heart rate, and pulse strength. It is compatible with new iPhones but you need Apple’s official adapter.

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Masimo ISPO2-3587 Ispo2 Pulse Oximeter: measures oxygen saturation and pulse rate during movement and has a color display for readings. You can export your data in CSV format. Supports iPhone 4S, iPad 3, and older devices.

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