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2 Radar / Laser Detectors for iPhone and Android

Are you tired of getting pointless tickets? Using a radar detector could help improve your chances of avoiding tickets on the road. There are many awesome standalone radar and laser detectors available for drivers. These 2 radar detectors are especially useful for iPhone and Android users:


Escort SmartRadar iPhone Version: brings radar and laser protection into your vehicle. It is compatible with ESCORT Live!, which means you can receive live radar and laser alerts from other drivers in your area. The device is compatible with iOS and Android devices. Nice choice for hidden radar detection.


Cobra iRadar: compatible with iPhone and Android devices. It connects to your phone using Bluetooth and provides you with radar alerts, warning on upcoming speed and red light cameras, and other useful information for your drives (covers all six laser types). We did have more success with the first item but this is a much cheaper option.

These radar detectors can save your behind on the road. They give you the heads up, so you can avoid unnecessary tickets.

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