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4 Educational Raspberry Pi OpenCV Robots

It is no secret that the Raspberry Pi is a wonderful platform for learning and DIY electronics projects. There are plenty of kits that help you started faster. Here are 4 Raspberry OpenCV robot kits you don’t want to miss:

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Pippy: a Raspberry Pi robot dog ready for motion detection and color recognition. It supports OpenCV and Python programming. It ships with a RPi camera, servos, and almost everything you need to get started.

Pi Motion AI Robot: an AI robotic camera ready for Raspberry Pi 4B or 3B+. It can recognize colors and QR codes or detect faces. It also comes with text to speech technology. You can interact with it from your iOS or Android device.

RaspbClaws Spider Robot: a WiFi hexapod robot for STEM education. It comes with OpenCV target tracking and motion detection. It also has a stabilizing mode. This robot can be remotely controlled with an app on your PC.

RaspTank-Pro: a Raspberry Pi robot with a 3DOF arm and WiFi. It can track lines, transmit video and track targets with OpenCV. You can control it with your iOS/Android device or PC.

Have you found better educational Raspberry Pi robots? Please share them here.

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