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4 Must See Release & Drop Systems for DJI Drones

DJI drones are very popular these days. They are getting smarter every generation too. With the right accessories, you can do more than aerial videos with them. Here are 4 DJI drone air drop systems for search & rescue and bait release:

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Drone Sky Hook Release & Drop Device: an accessory for DJI Phantom drones for drone fishing and payload delivery. You can trigger the drop with C1/C2 button on your drone’s remote. It weighs only 50 grams, so it doesn’t take away from your drone’s performance.

FLIFLI FAD-1000GT Release and Drop Device for DJI Drones:  can be installed in a couple of seconds and has payload of 1kg. It has a range of 3280 feet. It can handle up to 2 pounds of payload.

Hooshion Air Drop System: this drop release delivery system is ideal for Mavic drones. It has a battery that lasts up to 12 hours. It has max load of 500g for fish bait and all kinds of goods.

Payload Release for Drones: a wireless and servo delivery system for drones. It works with mounting brackets for various Phantom drone models. It has a range of 500 yards.

Have you found better payload release and drop systems for DJI drones? Please share them here.

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