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Safe WiFi & Internet Browsing: 3 Products

We are all familiar with WiFi technology. Many of us use it around our homes to access the Internet. Getting an expensive router does not necessary mean your network will be secure. You could still be tracked online no matter how secure your network. These 3 products help you secure your WiFi network and keep your privacy intact:


Skydog Web App and Smart Family Wi-Fi Router: provides real-time visibility of home Internet user. It offers flexible parental controls and easy setup.


Safeplug: lets you rely on Tor to keep your privacy intact while browsing websites. It works for smartphones too.


WiFi Pineapple Mark V
: a powerful wireless networking auditing tool from Hack5. Its custom hardware and software allows you to test your network and find security holes.

These tools help you secure your network, test it, and protect your privacy. They are not cheap but give you peace of mind.

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