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3 Smart Aquarium Add-ons

Bringing an aquarium home can be a lot of fun, but you will need to spend time to maintain and clean it. There are plenty of accessories that help you take better care of your fish. These 3 smart aquarium products help you get more out of your experience:

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AquaGenisis Robosnail Robotic Glass Cleaner: this is a simple robot that helps you keep your aquarium clean. The RoboSnail can sense the aquarium top, left and right edges to calculate the appropriate cleaning pattern

FishBit: a connected aquarium monitor that helps you monitor and control your aquarium’s water composition. It can measure pH, salinity and temperature and has a smartphone app.

ai prime

AI Prime WiFi Aquarium Light Fixture: this is a smart lighting solution for your aquarium that you can control from your iOS/Android device. You can control a group of these conveniently.

What are your favorite smart aquarium add-ons? Please share them here.

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