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4 App Smart Electric Vehicle Chargers

Electric vehicles are becoming more popular all the time. You can always charge one at home with  a decent smart EV charger. Here are 4 app smart electric vehicle chargers that can get the job done:

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JuiceBox Pro 40: a WiFi enabled EV charging station that quickly recharges your car’s battery while saving you money. It can be controlled with voice commands. The companion app gives you access to charging data.

ChargePoint Home WiFi EV Charger: a level 2 240V 32A electric car charger that adds up to 25 miles to your range per hour. It charges your vehicle up to 6x faster. It is compatible with BMW, Chevy Volt, Bolt EV, and other popular car models. You can use the ChargePoint app to schedule charging when the rates are low.

FLO Home X5 Carbon: this level 2 electric vehicle (240v, 30 amp) is great for charging your car indoors and outside ( -40 °F to 125 °F.) . It charges your car 5x faster. The companion app lets you check the progress of your charging session, schedule charging, and track energy consumption.

Prism: an open source EV charging station with a Type 2 socket. A Type 1 connector is also available for older car models. Developers can experiment with the software to come up with improvements to the charging process. It has Ethernet and WiFi connectivity.

What’s your favorite residential EV charger? Please share it here.

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