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3 Smart Hard Drives w/ Self-Destruct Capability

Storing important, sensitive data on a hard drive unencrypted is not smart. Even encrypted hard drives can be broken into in some cases. These 3 hard drives protect your data and self-destruct it when someone is messing with them:

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Apricorn Aegis Padlock Encrypted Hard Drive: a 256-bit encrypted hard drive with secure pin number access. It also offers self-destruct upon detecting brute force attacks.


DataLocker Enterprise 1TB: offers 256-bit AES encryption. It is compatible with PC, Mac, and Linux machines. It does not require a special software to work.


Autothysis128t Self Encrypting Hard Drive: a self-encrypting SSD with 256-bit encryption. You can use the 2.5″ drive inside your computer or externally. It has a built in GSM, so you can destroy the data on demand.

Have you found better self-destructing hard drives? Please share them here.

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