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3 Smart LED Light Sticks & Wands for Photos & Videos

LED light sticks are wonderful tools to use to get more creative with your shots. Many of them run on battery, so you can use them anywhere. Here are 3 smart LED light wands you don’t want to miss:

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YONGNUO YN360 II: a LED video light with a color temperature of 3200-5500K. You can change the color from your smartphone. The battery lasts up to 2 hours on max brightness.

Savage RGB Light Painter Pro: offers color temperature from 3200K to 5500K. It gives you RGB color, hue, and saturation control. This 24″ wand runs 3.5 hours on battery. You can sync multiple wands together for the best results.

Godox LC500 LED Light Stick: comes with 516 LED beads. It can be used with its handle or light fixtures for creating lighting effects. It has a color rendering index of CRI > 95, TLCI ≥ 95.

Have you found cooler LED light sticks? Please share them here.

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