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3 Smartphone Tools for Pro Video

Many use their smartphone to capture video outside. Nobody is a fan of shaky, lousy video though. Thanks to these 3 products, you are going to have an easier time capturing better quality video with your smartphone:


Lanparte HHG01: a 3-axis stabilizer for GoPro and smartphones. It lets you capture smoother video with your smartphone. The battery life lasts up to 3 hours.


SOLOSHOT2: a robot cameraman that helps you capture all the action outdoors. It follows you to capture you from a distance. The waterproof, shock resistant tag has a range of 2000 feet. It supports cameras up to 5 lbs, including smartphones.


IndieSolo: lets you make professional quality video with your smartphone. It offers pan, tilt and roll control and can handle 360 walk-around and inverted shots.

Have you found better tools for better smartphone video? Please share them here.

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