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5 Smartphone Headsets for 3D Video & Virtual Reality

Virtual reality solutions such as Oculus Rift are going to be very popular. Not everyone will have a decent enough computer to put these headsets to good use. Did you know that you can use your smartphone to experience virtual reality and 3D video? These 5 smartphone headsets can help:

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Goggle Tech C1 Glasses: lets you experience 3D video on your iOS or Android device. It is compatible with up to 6″ smartphones.


Goggle Tech Go4D VR Headset: it is compatible with iOS and Android devices. It has a gyroscope, an accelerometer, and head mount goggles. You get head tracking and a remote controller.


NOON VR: this virtual reality headset supports 4.7″ to 5.5″ smartphones. You get an adjustable headband, detachable frame, a protective cover, and an app to watch 3D videos.


Hasbro MY3D Viewer: lets you experience 3D games, videos, and apps on your iPhone or iPod Touch. You can charge your device while it’s inside.


Homido Virtual Reality Headset: compatible with 4-6″ iOS, Android, and Windows smartphones. It works with over 300+ iOS / Android apps. It supports adjustments for focus, IPD, immersion, nearsightedness and farsightedness.

Have you found better virtual reality headsets for smartphones? Please share them here.

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