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3 Smartphone Holders for Guitar Lovers

Learning how to play guitar can take a bit of time. You could always hire an instructor to show you how to play it. There are also plenty of apps that can show you how to improve your guitar skills. You will need one of these phone holders to use your device more conveniently as you play your guitar:

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Castiv – Guitar Sidekick: lets you attach your smartphone to your acoustic, electric, or classical guitar to keep up with your guitar lessons. Works with any smartphone measuring 2.3″ to 3.3″.



Bibtone MULTI Q Smartphone Holder: it is compatible with iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, and other comparable smartphones. It lets you control your viewpoint from any angle.


Castiv Smartphone Support System for Mic Stands: handles any smartphone measuring 2.3″ to 3.3″. It lets you switch between portrait and landscape quickly. Makes it easier to read digital music sheet.

Have you found better smartphone holders for guitars? Please share them here.

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