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5 Awesome Sonos Accessories for your Entertainment System

The Sonos wireless music players are quite awesome. They let you stream music across your home over the Internet. The speakers are not cheap but you do get what you pay for. In order to set up your wireless music streaming system more effectively, you are going to need a set of accessories. Here are 5 Sonos accessories you should not miss:

Sonos BRIDGE: connects to your router and makes wireless streaming of your music possible. It handles wireless connection with all Sonos ZonePlayers and Controllers in your system.

Sonos CONNECT:AMP Wireless Streaming Music System: another powerful music streaming solution by Solos. You can control it using your iPhone, iPad, or Android device too. It can turn any speaker into a Sonos system.

Sonos CONNECT for Home Theaters
: connects to your home theater, stereo and more for wireless music. You can use this to play internet radio, iTunes content, and other music. It can be controlled using apps.

Sonos Control: you don’t necessarily need this if you already control your system using an iPhone. If not, this lets you manage all your music conveniently.

Sonos Dock: lets you play songs directly from your iPod & iPhone. It works well for pre-iPhone devices. You could use an adapter to connect this to your iPhone 5 and Lightning devices.

Sonos speakers and docks are premium products. You are going to have to spend a decent amount of money to get them. But you do get what you pay for. The above Sonos accessories help you put a more sophisticated Sonos network together.

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