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5 Essential Sony Bloggie Touch Accessories

Not everyone needs a $1000+ camera. Some folks just need a portable video camera that would enable them to capture quality videos on the go without having to become a master in videography. The Sony Bloggie Touch is affordable, portable, and simple to operate. You are going to need a set of accessories to get the most out of it. These 5 products are well worth checking out for Sony Bloggie Touch owners:

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Sony LCJTSA/W Clear Protective Jacket: an affordable protective case for your camcorder. It keeps your device scratch free and does not get in your way.

Flexible Gripster Camera Tripod: the title is pretty self explanatory. This is a portable, flexible tripod for your Sony mini camcorder.

Sony Bloggie Bundle: if you need to get a bunch of accessories for this camera in one shot, this bundle has you covered. It has cables, chargers, and more.

Screen protector for Sony Bloggie Touch: don’t want to leave fingerprints all over your camcorder’s screen. These will help. They will keep scratches away from your device too.

AmazonBasics High-Speed A to C Type, HDMI to Mini-HDMI Cable: you are going to need one of these cables to connect your camera to a HDMI source.

These Sony Bloggie Touch accessories are cheap and let you protect your gadget and get more out of it. You won’t need them to use your device but it’s better to have but not need them.

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