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How to Stop Catalytic Converter Theft: 3 Kits

Catalytic converter theft is on the rise. We hear about more people falling victim to it every day. You can always prevent them by parking your car in a well-lit area and investing in a more advanced car security system. These catalytic converter anti-theft kits can also help:

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CatClamp: a catalytic converter lock that clamps to exhaust pipes, allowing heat to dissipate while protecting your vehicle against theft.

Catalytic Converter Shield: these are available for various vehicles, especially old and new Prius models. This aluminum plate creates a barrier to help protect your catalytic converter from thieves. It has vents for cooling.

Cat Alarm: a catalytic converter theft alarm system that activates a 105dB alarm to alert you when someone is trying to remove your catalytic converter. It comes with a 8″ stainless steel band to secure your catalytic converter.

Have you found catalytic converter anti-theft shields and alarms? Please share them here.

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