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3 Cool Telephone Handsets for iPad

The iPad is a great device to use to do business on. That includes doing video chats with people from around the globe. Some people do make more comfortable using traditional telephone handsets to talk on their iPad (or iPhone). These 3 iPad handsets let you talk and reduce your radiation exposure too:


Bluetooth Keyboard with Telephone Handset
: a wireless keyboard and wired handset for your tablet. The stand keeps your device in landscape or portrait position.


Radiation Safe Telephone Handset
: if you don’t need a keyboard but just a handset to use for making video calls on your iPad, this product has you covered.


Retro Classic Eliminate Radiation Telephone Handset: yet another cheap solution to use to make phone calls easily on your iPad. It reduces radiation exposure too.

If you feel more comfortable talking using a telephone handset and want to do long video chats on your iPad, the above handsets are worth checking out.

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