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Train, Feed, and Play with Your Dog Using an iPhone: 4 Products

Dogs are truly amazing creatures. They quickly become a part of your family and bring tons of joy to your life. You need to take care of your dog if you want it to stay happy and healthy. These 4 iPhone-enhanced products let you feed, play, and train your dog using your smartphone:

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pet remote

Pet Remote: lets you use your iPhone to teach your dog new tricks without actually harming it. It uses vibrations and acoustic signals to grab the attention of your pet.


Petcube: lets you talk and play laser games with your pets. It offers video streaming, microphone/speakers, and a low-intensity laser.

solar trak

Solar Trak GPS: this pet GPS system lets you track your dog on your iPhone or iPad. Its battery is charged using solar power. It is lightweight and attaches to your pet’s collar easily.

pinto feed

Pintofeed: feeding your pet when you are not home is going to be much easier when you have this system.

As you can see, taking your dog can be much easier when you have the right gadgets. Which one are you impressed with the most?

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