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5 Must Underwater Housings for iPhone

The new iPhones are water resistant and can survive exposure to water quite well. If you are planning to go diving with your phone, you should consider investing in an underwater housing for it. These underwater housings for iPhones are worth a look:

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Watershot PRO Housing: a water housing for iPhone 7 with a flat lens port. It comes with 5 conductive pressure buttons.

SeaFrogs Housing: it is water resistant to 60 meters. It lets you go diving, surfing, and snorkeling with your phone. It comes with a wide angle dome port lens.

AquaTech AxisGO: a water housing for iPhone 7 Plus. It has a polycarbonate, aluminum and stainless steel construction rated to 33′. It also features interchangeable optical glass lens ports.

LENZO for iPhone 7 Plus: it is depth rated to 100 meters. It comes with ergonomic controls for easy access to various shooting modes. Its optical dome lens is ideal for land and underwater use.

amphipac: an amphibious case that lets you use your phone’s touchscreen under water. It comes with polycarbonate housing, rubber buttons and 100mm dome. It is waterproof to 5 meters.

Have you found more useful underwater iPhone housings? Please share them here.

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