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Unlock Your Computer/Apps Without a Password: 3 Products

We have been using passwords for years to lock and unlock our computers. Technology is changing the way we do things. It might not make passwords obsolete but is providing us with alternative ways to protect our sensitive files. Here are 3 products you can pick up to unlock your computer/apps without a password.

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Verifi P2000 Premium Metal Fingerprint Reader: fingerprint scanners have been around for years. They are becoming more accurate. This particular one lets you log on to Windows 7 and 8 using your fingerprint.


myris: uses video of your irises to verify your identity. Chances of failure are less than one in two trillion.


Proximity Computer locks: you have multiple options here. VuPoint, Sesame, and GateKeeper can all help you lock or unlock your computer when you leave or return to your machine, respectively.

You can still use passwords to lock and unlock your computer. The above products give you alternatives.

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