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5 Awesome USB Sticks For Your Computer

Most of us have owned and used USB sticks in the past. They are great for carrying files. Of course, you can do a whole lot more with them as long as you pick the right ones. Here are 5 USB sticks that offer you more:


Corsair Flash Survivor: a waterproof and shock resistant flash drive for your computer. This USB 3.0 drive offers max read speed of 80MB/sec.


USB KeyLogger Nano Wi-Fi: not your average USB stick, this keylogger lets you record data on another computer and send to yourself over WiFi.


Ubuntu Linux 13.04 Bootable USB: allows you to run and try Ubuntu on your computer without messing with your main operating system. Useful apps are included.


Apricorn Aegis Secure Key FIPS Encrypted Flash Drive: provides you with military grade hardware encryption to protect your data. It does not require any driver or software. The design is dust and water resistant.


ZeusGard: Bootable USB Online Security: a fast booting USB device that turns any PC or Mac into a clean environment for online banking and other sensitive activities.

These USB sticks stand out as they offer something you don’t get with regular USB sticks. Which one do you find the most useful?

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