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Use Your iPad In Your Car: 5 Mounts & Holders

Your iPad is more than capable of keeping you entertained in your car. You don’t want to drive and use your tablet at the same time but there is no reason you can’t use a mount or holder to get your work done when you are not driving. Besides, you could always use your iPad to keep your passengers entertained. Here are 5 iPad mounts and holders you can take advantage of to use your device in your car:

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Mobotron MS-526 Heavy-duty Car Holder: this tablet mount is easy to install and works in most vehicles. It holds your laptop too.


AutoExec AUE10004 Car Desk: lets you stay organized in your car and holds your tablet too. Its non-skid surface grips your phone or laptop.

dashboard mount

iOttie Easy Smart Tap Dashboard Mount: holds your tablet in your car. It mounts to desks, counters, and dashboards.

ipad tray

Steering Wheel iPad Tray: lets you hold your tablet with the help of your car’s steering wheel. Just don’t use your iPad and drive.


TFY iPad 4 Headrest Mount: mounts your iPad to the back of your car’s headrest. It has an adjustable strap for fast mounting. Great to use to entertain your passengers.

As you can see, there are multiple ways to use your iPad in your car. The above accessories keep your tablet safe as you use it in your car.

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