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5 UVC Sanitizer Bags for Smartphones, Masks, Beauty Tools

We all have smartphones, makeup products, jewelry and masks that have germs all over them. Disinfecting them doesn’t have to be a challenge. Not when you can use one of these UVC bags to get it done:

P55 UVC Light Sanitizer Bag: kills 99.9% of dangerous germs with UV germicidal light. The light has a wavelength of 260-280nm. No ozone is created either. It uses 24 LED nodes.

HoMedics UV-Clean Portable Sanitizer: a rechargeable UVC sanitizer for your smartphone. It disinfects your items in as few as 60 seconds with 360-degree coverage.

Zuvy Foldable UVC Sanitizer Bag: it uses 4 LED light beams with 260-280mm wavelength that can sanitize your things. It uses reflective aluminum foil inside to reflect the light.

NiSotieb UVC Sanitizer Bag: has enough space for your bottle, toothbrush, beauty tools, underwear, and everything in between. It can complete the job in 5 minutes.

Foldable UVC Bag: a safe bag that can clean your phones and masks in about 3 minutes. Its lights automatically shut down when you open the bag.

Have you found better UV-C bags? Please share them here.

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