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4 Vacuum Cooling Fans for Overheated Laptops

There are plenty of fancy laptops on the market. Not all of them stay cool as you work though. Here are 4 vacuum cooling fans you can use to cool down your overheating laptop:


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Patekfly Intelligent USB Vacuum Cooling Fan: it provides automatic temperature control for your laptop. You get auto and manual modes to reduce the surface/internal temperature of your laptop.


Opolar LC05 Laptop Cooler: this cooler reduces surface and internal temperature of your laptop. It has auto and manual modes with 13 speeds.


USTEK Laptop Cooler: it decreases your laptop’s temperature by 18-50F degrees. It is compact and portable. It supports a wide variety of laptops.


Ionic Portable Mini Vacuum Cooler: this fan extracts the hot air out of your laptop to prolong its life. It has a compact design.

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