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3 Handy VGA to DVI-D Converters

Have you ever had a computer with only a VGA port but wanted to connect it to a monitor with a DVI or HDMI port? You will need a converter for that. These 3 VGA to DVI-D Converters can help:

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Avocent VGA to DVI-D Converter: a converter with a USB bridge that lets you convert a VGA To DVI-D signal. It also comes with USB ports.

Adder VGA to DVI-D: a USB powered video converter that converts analog video to digital with resolution up to 1920×1200 (165MHz max). It allows you to control alignment, tone, sharpness, and brightness.

Gefen VGA to DVI Scaler/Converter: scales and converts video from a VGA source to a DVI output. Videos can be scaled up to 1080p. The power supply has a range of 6V to 24V DC. Its menu allows easy set-up and control. This unit is easily mountable.

Have you found better VGA to DVI-D converter? Please share them here.

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