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4 Must See Wall & Ceiling Mounts for Video Lights

Every photo and video pro knows the importance of proper lighting for their projects. You can always use stands to hold your lights. If you don’t have a whole lot space, investing in a decent wall or ceiling mount is not a bad idea. Here are 4 video light ceiling & wall mounts you don’t want to miss:

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72″ Pro Photo Studio Pantograph: a ceiling rail track system with a pantograph that lets you easily position and move your lights in your studio. It is spring counter balance for smooth movement.

Meking Studio Wall Mount: a convenient mount for holding lights, umbrellas, and reflectors overhead. It comes with a 3/8 1/4 adapter screw and 4 holes to mount the boom arm on the wall or ceiling.

Neewer Video Light Wall Mount: can be used on a solid wall to hold lights, umbrellas, and reflectors. Its boom arm is adjustable to 66.5″. The arm can be rotated up to 180 degrees.

Articulating Magic Arm Wall Mount: a convenient light mount for lightweight LED panels and flashlights. It comes with 1/4″ and 3/8″ thread and hot shoe adapter.

Have you found more convenient video light mounts? Please share them here.

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