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4 Waterproof Cases for Kindle

Amazon has been releasing one Kindle after another over the years. Its tablets and e-readers are cheap and great for people who need devices for content consumption. They are not waterproof though. Thanks to these 4 waterproof cases for Kindle, you can keep your Amazon tablet/e-reader safe from liquid accidents and water:


iOttie Waterproof Skin Case
: these skins are 100% waterproof, dirt proof, and dust proof. The skin is 98% transparent. The case is IPX8 JQA certified.


Tsirtech Waterguard Waterproof Case: protects your Kindle Fire against water, dust, dirt, sand, and frost. You can wear it around your neck.


Dry Case Waterproof Vacuum Seal Tablet Case: it is a flexible, waterproof case for your iPad or Kindle Fire. It is tested to 100 feet for about 1 hour.


KlearKase for Kindle Fire: it is a splash-proof case for your Kindle Fire. It is not completely waterproof but can protect your gadget against liquid accidents.

There are a few other waterproof cases available for the Kindle Fire. You should do your research to pick products with a proven track record. Thanks to the above cases, you will have no trouble taking your Kindle to the beach.

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