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5 XLR Microphone Adapters & Interfaces for Video Cameras

There are plenty of fancy video cameras around. With Sony a6500, GH5, and other top cameras, you can record crisp 4K video everywhere you go. The quality of audio you record also matters. Here are 5 devices you can use to connect XLR microphones to your video camera:

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Panasonic GH5 Microphone Adapter: lets you use a professional XLR microphone with your camera to produce better work. It has 2 XLR terminals. Has bit depth of 16 or 24-bit.

Beachtek DXA-SLR ULTRA Audio Adapter: lets you record professional audio to your DSLR or mirrorless camera. Gives you 30dB of gain. Has VU meters, limiters, and phantom power.

Saramonic SR-PAX1 Audio Mixer: a microphone adapter with two channels and phantom power. It comes with gain control knobs, line/mic/phantom switch, and cold shoe mounts.

TASCAM DR-701D Multitrack Recorder: records 4 channels with Phantom Power. You also get dual built-in omnidirectional microphones. The device has HDMI-in to support start/stop from your DSLR.

Sony XLR-K2M Kit: works with various Sony cameras to record higher quality video. It is compatible with a7, RX, and Sony camcorders.

Have you found better XLR microphone interfaces for video cameras? Please share them here.

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