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5 Quality FM Transmitters for Android & iPhone

The idea of FM transmitters is nothing new. Many folks have been using those to listen to their mp3 player music through their car speakers. Getting your hands on a quality FM transmitter is not always easy though. Many brands promise a lot but don’t deliver in the end. Here are 5 iPhone and Android FM transmitters you can use to listen to your music through your car’s speaker system:

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GOgroove FlexSMART X2 Wireless FM Transmitter: it has on-board volume, play settings, and phone controls. You get a built-in microphone with voice detection. This has an auto-seek feature too.


Incredisonic IFM-500 Bluetooth FM Transmitter
: makes it easy to listen to your music on your phone. It has a built-in phone mount and aux 3.5mm jack for line in and line out.


GOgroove SMARTmini BT ADVANCED In Car FM Transmitter: wirelessly plays your music and lets you make hands-free calls. It has enhanced voice detection with auto-tuning.


Soundfly AUX MP3 Player
: transmits on all FM frequencies. It can memorize up to 4 of them. It supports USB sticks and SD cards too.


PUREX Technology DLX-29 all in one FM Transmitter: a cell phone charger and FM transmitter for smartphones in 3.5- to 5.5-inch range. It is compatible with the iPhone, Samsung Galaxy S, and other popular phones (using 3.5mm audio jack). The design is quite flexible too.

You might have to test a couple of FM transmitters before finding the one that gives you the best experience. They are convenient to have in you car though (especially older models).

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