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4 Wellness Bands for Android / iPhone

Your iPhone or Android device could keep track of how healthy you are and your activities. There are already apps you can use to log what you eat, keep track of your workouts, and even measure your heart-rate. These 4 wellness bands for iPhone/Android help you put your smartphone to an even better use:

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Phyode W/Me Wellness Tracker: scans your body and analyzes your mental and physical state. It also acts as your breathing coach to reduce your stress. 


LG Lifeband Touch: a fitness tracker that keeps track of calories burned, steps taken, and other fitness statistics. It has a 3-axis accelerometer and altimeter.


JUNE Bracelet: measures sun intensity and and suggests how you can protect yourself from UV rays.


Garmin Vivofit: another activity tracker that learns from you and helps you move enough every day. It encourages you to get moving. You can pair it with a heart rate monitor to get more accurate readings.

These wellness bands help you use your smartphone to take better care of your health. You won’t need all of them but it is nice to have options.

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