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3 Cases for Sony DPT-RP1 Digital Paper

The Sony DPT-RP1 Digital Paper is a wonderful document reader with a 13.3″ e-paper display that lets you carry all your documents with you without having to worry about weight and bulk. It is as thin as 30 sheets of paper. The unit comes with WiFi and Bluetooth in addition to an app available for your PC and Mac. You are going to need a case to protect your investment though. Here are 3 Sony DPT-RP1 cases you shouldn’t miss:

Xcivi PU Sleeve for Sony Digital Paper: an affordable sleeve that keeps your gadget protected from shock and scratches.

Sony DPT-RP1 Design Cover: holds your device and also has a stylus holder. It offers both left and right opening.

Portfolio Case for Sony DPT-RP1: another affordable case that protects your investment from shock and scratches.

Stay tuned as we will cover more DPT-RP1 cases here in the future.

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