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3 Water Resistant Cases for iPad Pro

The iPad Pro is a wonderful tablet for reading books, watching videos, and playing games. If you are planning to take it outside, you need to make sure it is safe from the elements. These 3 water resistant cases keep your tablet protected from water accidents:

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Sivart 5-Piece iPad Pro Case: this case keeps your tablet protected from water, dust, and scratches. It is made from high-grade thermoplastic polyurethane.


Aquapac Waterproof iPad Pro Case: lets you use your iPad outside in wet conditions. Your touchscreen will work normally.


Catalyst Case for iPad Pro: this IP68 rated case is waterproof up to 2 meters. It comes with an integrated touchscreen film and does not block your tablet’s major features.

Have you found better water resistant cases for iPad Pro? Please share them here.

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