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3 25Hz Thermal Imagers for Android Smartphones

There are plenty of thermal imaging modules available for smartphones these days. Not all of them have a high enough frame rate to capture smooth video. Here are 3 x 25Hz thermal imagers for Android you don’t want to miss:

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InfiRay P2: one of the smallest Android thermal imagers around. It has a 256 x 192 detector, measuring 9mm. It has a frame rate of 25Hz. It comes with 6 color palettes. It works with Android 6 and later devices.

Hti HT-301 IR Thermal Imager: a smartphone thermal imager with 384×288 resolution and 25Hz frame rate. It has a temperature range of -20 to 300C. It seems with 6 color palettes.

MobIR Air: a 25Hz thermal imaging camera available for iOS and Android devices. It has a 120×90 resolution with 50-degree field of view. It works with Android 6 or later. It has a USB Type-C interface.

Have you found better thermal imagers for Android or iPhone? Please share them here.

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