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2 3D Printer Pens You Should See

3D printers are getting a lot of attention in the media these days. They are not cheap or small. Not all of them anyway. You don’t always need a huge 3D printer for modeling. These 2 3D printer pens let you create models fast:

3d printer

LuguLake New 3D Printer Pen: an ABS/PLA printing pen that lets you draw by hand. It offers printing speed of 2mm-40mm/s. It requires some patience but you can have lots of fun with something like this.


3Doodler: many of you probably remember this product from its Kickstarter campaign. It was wildly successful. This is a versatile pen that lets you build objects in various colors.

These 3D printer pens don’t replace a high-end 3D printer but they do enable you to build models wherever you are. They are not super expensive, which helps. Just getting started with 3D printing? This infographic by could help you figure out how to choose the right material for your prints:


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