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2 3D Printing Finish & Repair Tools

Many of us have used 3D printers to bring our ideas to life. Not all 3D printed objects come out perfectly. You could always use a decent finishing and repair tool to perfect your items. These 2 products can help with that:


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Fixer3D 3D Printing Finish & Repair Pen: works on any UV curable resin to let you fix your 3D printed objects. It has 3 buttons to let you control the movement of the syringe and activate the light.


Retouch3D: a heated tool that lets you finish your 3D printed models. It works with common materials used in 3D printing. Simply choose your desired temperature level, and the pen will be ready to remove unwanted parts from your 3D print.

Have you found finishing and repair tools for 3D printed models? Please share them here.

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