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5 Sound Amplifiers for iPhone

The iPhone is a pretty awesome mp3 player. It is true that you can play with apps and watch videos on it. But the device is more than capable of serving as your mp3 player. You could always get a better sound experience out of your iPhone by using an amplifier. These 5 sound amplifiers have you covered as well.

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Ozaki iCoat IH928A iCarry time2boom Stand & Amplifier: a simple stand and amplifier for your phone. It is plug and play and does not require any power.

Megaphone for iPhone: an elegant amplifier for your iPhone. It looks quite modern and works without needing any power.

iPhone Gramophone
: looks like a gramophone but also increases the volume of sound coming out of your device. It has a walnut dock with a metal horn.

Portable Amp for iPhone Horn Stand: a super portable horn stand for your phone. It increases the volume of sound coming out of your phone.

Change The Record iPhone Amp
: this amplifier is made out of a modified 12-inch vinyl record. It serves as an acoustic speaker.

Theses iPhone amplifiers don’t require power and get the job done. They are not super expensive either.

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