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4 Must See App Smart Portable Printers

There are plenty of fancy app-connected printers around these days. Not many of them are designed to be easily taken around though. Here are 4 app enabled portable printers you can take anywhere:

Brother P-Touch Cube: a smartphone compatible label maker with multiple templates, 450 symbols, and over 60 frames for you to choose from. It also has various colors.

Evebot PrintPen: a portable printer that lets you print on all kinds of surfaces. It lets you print on textiles, paper, ceramics, glass, metal, wood, and any material. You can download text or images from the PrintPen app.

Selpic S1: a portable handheld printer with a quick-drying waterproof ink. It lets you print text, barcodes, images, and everything in between on paper, wood, leather, ceramic, metal, glass, and other surfaces.

HP Sprocket Select: a portable photo printer that lets you print pictures on 2.3×3.4″ sticky backed paper. You can personalize your photos with your own doodles. The companion app can unlock content in augmented reality.

Have you found better app smart connected printers? Please share them here.

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