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3 Must See Server Cabinets

Servers are not cheap, so if you are investing in one, you need a decent cabinet to protect your investment. Here are 3 server cabinets that protect your investment in your office, even in harsh environments:

Black Box Networking Cabinet with AC: this networking cabinet holds up to 1500 pounds. It works with a digital controlled air conditioner. These are available in 24U and 42U rackmount sizes.

Tripp Lite 12U Rack Enclosure Server: a floor standing rack enclosure server cabinet for standard 19″ rackmount equipment. It has adjustable mounting depths from 3″ to 32.5″. It has 1000lb weight capacity and IP54 rated for harsh environments.

StarTech 12U Rack Enclosure Server Cabinet: a sound insulated server cabinet with wood finish. It comes with a built-in fan modules and casters. It supports up to 600lbs of weight.

Have you found cooler server cabinets for harsh environments? Please share them here.

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