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5 Bone Conduction Headsets for Your Smartphones / MP3 Players

We keep hearing about bone conduction technology a lot these days. Not all the headsets you can buy have this technology. We are talking about headsets that transmit sound vibrations through your bones. There are many advantages for using these headsets, with the main one being the fact they don’t harm your ears. Here are 5 conduction headsets you can use for hands-free communication and music on your smartphone:

bone conduction hat.

Cynaps Bluetooth Bone Conduction Headset: a hat with its Bluetooth headset. You don’t need earphones to use this. Sound is transmitted through bone conduction.


AfterShokz Bluez Open Ear Bluetooth Wireless Headphones: these deliver sound through the listener’s cheekbones to the inner ear. You can make phone calls and still hear what’s happening all around you. Just a safer option to use.


SpicyBomb BS-80i 4D HD Sound Out-Ear Canal Earphone: provides you with high definition sound. Great for Skype and online video chats. They do not damage your ear. You can use these with Apple devices and other smartphones.


Aftershokz AS301 Wraparound Sport: powered by bone conduction technology, these headphones are comfortable and safe for all outdoor activities. You get a built-in mic for calls.

audio bone

Audio Bone AB10BK 1.0 Headphones
: works with iPods and MP3 players. It is waterproof and lets you listen to music and hear everything around you.

These Bone Conduction headsets are convenient and better for your ears. They are not too expensive either.

Have you found better ones?

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