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4 Canon XA10 Camcorder Microphones

The Canon XA10 Camcorder is a pretty special camcorder. It is a professional device more people can afford. The device used to cost close to $2000 but is now being offered for much less on sites such as Amazon. This may be a professional camcorder, but it does not mean you should not get a microphone for it. Canon XA10’s internal microphone can’t outperform a quality shotgun or wireless mic. Here are 4 Canon XA10 microphones we have had the most success with:

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audio technica

Audio-Technica AT875R Short Shotgun Microphone: a high quality microphone for your camcorder. It is shorter than 7″ which is very important considering the compact design of the Canon XA10 cam.


Sennheiser ME 64 Cardioid Condenser
: many folks recommend the ME 66 for this camcorder. The trouble is that microphone is too long. The Sennheiser ME 64 microphone is shorter and still capable of capturing high quality audio. You can power it using the K6 powering module or through your camera’s XLR port.


Rode NTG1 Condenser Shotgun Microphone: a supercardioid microphone that picks up the front and sides and rejects 150 degree to the rear. It has a rugged construction and low weight. These ship with a stand mount, zip pouch and windshield.


Canon Wireless Microphone WM-V1: a wireless microphone designed for Canon’s XA10 camcorder. It records audio up to 164 feet away. The kit features a transmitter and receiver that operate over Bluetooth.

An external microphone is not the only accessory you will need to get the most out of your camcorder. You are going to have a difficult time capturing high quality audio without one though.

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