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4 Cases for 11.6″ Chromebooks

Chromebooks are very interesting devices. They don’t outperform a powerful computer but they are great for browsing sites and doing work online. Just like a regular laptop, you need a case such as these to protect your Chromebook:

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iPearl mCover Hard Shell Case: protects your Samsung Chromebook’s body. It has retractable feet at the rear bottom to let you type more comfortably.


Pwr+ Sleeve: measures 13″ by 10″ diagonally. It is water resistant and looks professional. You can put it in your bag or carry it alone.


Evecase 11.6 inch Bubble Neoprene Water Resistant Case: it works for various 11.6″ laptops. It is water resistant and keeps your laptop safe from shocks. It has pocket for your accessories.


Case Logic LAPS-111 Chromebook Sleeve: a slim and stylish case for your Chromebook. It is available in various colors. Gives you top-loading access.

These Chromebook cases are cheap and protect your devicve. They are worth considering if you would like your device to last you a while.

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